South Live farm is a South African approve and licences  livestock farm and exporter, our purpose is to assist producers throughout the world in finding quality livestock.We can assist you with your next livestock order by offering you the proper advice and direction in order for you to make a successful export shipment.

 South Live  Farm is one of the biggest Live Stock farm in South Africa and we understand how much hard work is required to maintain a successful Live Stock farming . Today South Live  Farm  needs to know more and do more than ever before, just to stay competitive. We understand this situation. This is why we will become so valuable to you. 

Our staff will surpass your expectations when it comes to Live Stock and Poultry Farming

You can rest easier knowing that we stick to our high standards so you can focus on your other important needs. We look forward to being a valued part of your success and feel rewarded in helping your business thrive.

 Export we have sold tens of thousands of Live Stock  we Export Animal to our clients in over 60 Country’s  like Zambia,  Zimbabwe,Ghana,DRC,USA,United Kingdom, Ireland India, China, Nigeria,Canada ,Angola, UAE,Japan, Mexico,Mali,Italy ,Singapore,Kuwait    and many more 

We take great pride in the relationships we have built with our clients, who continue buying and doing business  with us , We’re sure you will want to join our long list of satisfied customers who already know how hard we work for their continued business.

South Live Farm  have  more then 5 Live Stock and Poultry  farms  in 4  deference   province across South Africa  so When it come to Live Stock  e.g Cattle  , Sheep , Boer Goat, Eggs, Chicken, Ostriches  etc  you can be rest assure  that South Live farm will always have  more then enough  Animal to meet you order All  animal we sale or export

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