Barred Rock Chickens (also known as Barred Plymouth Rocks) are great general farm or homestead birds.They are good egg layers, and the males make a nice carcass for the table. Excellent foragers, Barred Rocks do well on pasture. They are slower to mature than some breeds, with the first eggs coming at around 28 weeks.The barred feather pattern is due to a dominant sex-linked gene. The gene prevents pigment being applied to feathers, so it creates a light spot on the feather. Because the male carries two copies of the gene, and the female only carries one, the males tend to be lighter in color than the females. The barring feathers tend to grow more slowly, so feather growth is slow.

Lohman Brown layer Chicken  hybrid egg layer. This excellent brown egg layer was developed in 1978 by the French “Institute de Selection Animal. The breed was created from a series of crosses including Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites. The baby chicks are color-sex able at birth with the females being a reddish color and the males being smutty white in color. This makes it very fast and very accurate to determine which baby chicks are males or females. 

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