Kalahari Red Goat

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Kalahari Red Goat

The Kalahari Red is a breed of goat originating from South Africa. Their name is derived from their red coat and the Kalahari Desert. They are generally used in meat production. 
Origin: South Africa
Scientific name: Capra aegagrus hircus
Rank: Breed
Higher classification: Goat
Did you know: Kalahari Reds have long, floppy ears.

Low mortality and resistant to disease
Good mothering traits
Meat and pelts of high quality
Fertility and kid percentage
Abundance of milk

Average weight for Rams and Ewes (extensive conditions)

Age: Rams: Ewes:
100 Days 35kg 30kg
12 months 70kg 45kg
24 months 85kg 50kg
36 months 105kg 65kg


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